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Lunchbucket Creative was founded by Larry Hinkle and Craig Rae. Collectively, we’ve spent over 40 years in the trenches at agencies across the country, crafting effective, compelling and award-winning work for accounts ranging in size from Larry’s wife’s pet sitting business to Disney Home Entertainment.

When you work with us, you work directly with the creatives. You know, the people who actually do the work. That means no layers to get lost in. No corporate BS to wade through. And no convoluted psychobrandbabble to translate. With Lunchbucket Creative, what you see is what you get. A team of hardworking craftsmen who love producing great advertising, branding and design, and aren’t afraid to put in the time and effort it takes to get the job done right.

  • Craig Rae

    Art Director

    Craig is an experienced creative with over 20 years in the advertising and design industries.

    After working several years as a merchandise designer/art director in the action sportswear field, Craig opened his own advertising and design shop in Southern California, developing work for clients such as Universal Interactive, FOX Interactive and Mattel Toys. More recently, Craig served as associate creative director for Vladimir Jones.

    When not spending too much time in the office, Craig can be found at home spending too much time thinking about the office, and things he should have done there earlier that day.

  • Larry Hinkle


    Over his 18-year career (including seven years as Vladimir Jones' Senior Copywriter), Larry has helped develop brands for a variety of regional and national accounts, including a multi-state banking behemoth, the world's leading hospitality telephone manufacturer and the NHL's worst expansion team of the past 20 years.

    He loves beer, zombies, stand-up comedy, cynicism, Diet Coke, loud music, TV, skiing, dogs, the colors purple, orange and black, horror, proofreaders, the Cleveland Browns, THE Ohio State University, his friends and family, and smart advertising. He hates pretty much everything else.

  • Ryan Carsten

    Interactive Designer

    Ryan has been working in animation, interactive design and web development since 2000. As a multi-disciplinary Interactive Designer Ryan's professional focus has always been on creating interfaces that are beautiful, efficient, effective, and above all user-friendly. Over the years Ryan has been fortunate to work with many local and national brands including TaylorMade Golf, adidas, Callaway, Oakley and Xcel Energy.

    Ryan lives and works remotely in Montana. When he's not being a geek on the computer he enjoys being a geek outdoors, spending time with family and playing hockey.

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